Celebrate Arbor Day - Plant A TreeIn an industrialized world, we cannot afford to forget the crucial nature of trees. Healthy trees play a positive role in a healthy planet.

In that spirit, the Arbor Day Foundation has been helping to spread awareness of that fact since 1971. More importantly, the foundation works year round to ensure that people keep on planting trees. Not only are trees beautiful and an important part of our culture, they help the environment.

Our planet needs us all to be conscientious stewards of the environment. Make a lasting impact by planting trees.

Healthy Trees Make a Healthy Earth

Arbor Day is celebrated on different days throughout the years according to each state’s needs. The event concentrates on the many ways volunteers can help to ensure that the world never runs out of new trees. The Arbor Day Foundation spearheads awareness campaigns globally and runs crucial programs like Tree City USA and helping the U.S. Forest Service plant trees in our country’s national forests.

With pollution on the rise and the need for tree conservation more crucial than ever, Arbor Day will only continue to rise in prominence. This year plant a tree or two and enjoy your contribution to a better, cleaner earth.

We have several designs to commemorate this special day. At McLaughlin Gifts, we understand that special days are where memories are made. Enjoy Arbor Day and thanks for visiting.


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