White Lillies Are a Traditional Easter Favorite

Don’t Forget That Easter Is a Time for Fun

Don't Forget That Easter Is a Time for FunEaster simply has to be one of the best holidays of the year.

It’s a cool time of the year and a special day where you are allowed to eat way too much candy without guilt.

Easter is an amazing time of the year for children, and those who stay young at heart.

Decorating Eggs for Easter Is a Time Honored Tradition

One of the most fun activities for the family is the creation of Pysanka. Those are Ukrainian Easter Eggs, or what most of now refer to as simply Easter Eggs. Egg decoration is said to pre-date Christianity and remains popular all over the world. There are elaborate traditions like the ones in the Ukraine, and much more modern egg decorating techniques seen in the United States. One thing remains constant across cultures is that these colorful eggs bring a smile to people’s face and remind us all of a very special time of the year.

Easter Egg Hunts Are Always a Blast

You don’t have to become an expert egg artist to get someone to smile. Kids, in particular, enjoy bright colors and fun shapes and sizes. Painting eggs is an ideal way for the whole family to have a creative outlet. Not only that, hidden eggs also open up a whole new world of adventure.

You can take the concept of Easter egg hunts as far as you want. Some people hold intimate, indoor hunts, while others organize and turn the outing in a significant event. Perhaps you’ll create your own hunt or opt to go to an organized one instead. It’s up to the amount of free time you have on your hands and how much time you’re willing to organize for the day. One thing’s certain, Easter egg hunts always remain popular, because they’re a ton of fun for everyone!

White Lillies Add a Nice Touch for the Occasion

White Lillies Are a Traditional Easter FavoriteWhite lilies are an appropriate and common symbol for this time of the year, because they represent resurrection and rebirth. Depending on tradition, these beautiful flowers also represent devotion and friendship. They are a nice touch for any gathering.

Bright flowers are also a sign of springtime and renewal. Adding some color to go with the lilies is a solid decision. Who doesn’t love the smell and look of beautiful flowers, especially around this time of the year? Easter is a time of tranquility, but a dash of color helps remind us all that growth is everyone around us.

Don’t get stressed out this time of the year. Instead, enjoy your Easter celebration as much as possible. It’s a time to focus on potential and growth and to hang out with family and friends. Not only that, you can get away with eating a lot of candy and chocolate if you’re careful!

We didn’t even speak about the Easter bunny yet, so look out for another post where he gets a mention. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Easter this year.

Don't Forget That Easter Is a Time for Fun

The Easter Bunny Is Very Generous These Days

Enjoy Easter Whether You've Been Good or BadPeople don’t realize just how easy they have it with the Easter Bunny these days.

Back when the “Easter Hare” first came on the scene, the German Lutherans who knew him didn’t automatically receive chocolate bunnies. In fact, the Hare was a judge who, at his sole discretion, would decide whether the kids were good enough to get treats.

Those naughty children who misbehaved during Eastertide would not be rewarded! Somewhere along the line, the Easter Bunny replaced that mean old hare and suddenly everybody was getting a treat, whether they are good or bad. That’s been a great boon for chocolate makers and egg decorating supply companies ever since.

In the early part of the last century, many Germans moved to America. They brought with them many traditions, including the legend of the Easter Hare. The Hare tradition included jelly beans and baskets, so it didn’t take long for some crafty Americans to adopt the holiday and promote it to others.

Easter is now a fun-time celebration that includes eating lots of chocolate and enjoying decorate eggs and getting gifts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been good or not, but you can still probably have a few more treats if you’re really sweet!

Arbor Day

Arbor Day Is a Time to Reflect on the Crucial Nature of Trees

Celebrate Arbor Day - Plant A TreeIn an industrialized world, we cannot afford to forget the crucial nature of trees. Healthy trees play a positive role in a healthy planet.

In that spirit, the Arbor Day Foundation has been helping to spread awareness of that fact since 1971. More importantly, the foundation works year round to ensure that people keep on planting trees. Not only are trees beautiful and an important part of our culture, they help the environment.

Our planet needs us all to be conscientious stewards of the environment. Make a lasting impact by planting trees.

Healthy Trees Make a Healthy Earth

Arbor Day is celebrated on different days throughout the years according to each state’s needs. The event concentrates on the many ways volunteers can help to ensure that the world never runs out of new trees. The Arbor Day Foundation spearheads awareness campaigns globally and runs crucial programs like Tree City USA and helping the U.S. Forest Service plant trees in our country’s national forests.

With pollution on the rise and the need for tree conservation more crucial than ever, Arbor Day will only continue to rise in prominence. This year plant a tree or two and enjoy your contribution to a better, cleaner earth.

We have several designs to commemorate this special day. At McLaughlin Gifts, we understand that special days are where memories are made. Enjoy Arbor Day and thanks for visiting.