Gardening Tip Before You Start This YearGardening Tip: When planting gardens and flower beds, it’s always a best practice to lay down a foundation of a few inches of organic mulch. By doing so, you’re putting in safeguards so that your beds retain moisture during dry periods, help prevent weeds from growing, all while adding valuable nutrients to the garden soil. You’ll be amazed at what a gorgeous flowering bed or garden you’ll enjoy throughout the growing season.

Adequate Space Ensures Your Plants Have Room to Grow

Always be sure to use adequate spacing when you’re planting your garden. Spacing assures that every plant has enough room to grow and flourish. When plants are small, it’s easy to underestimate how much space they’ll need after they’ve started growing. ¬†All plants need ample room for air circulation and sunlight to penetrate the leaves and surrounding ground area.

So start small, but leave plenty of room to grow. Plants need strong roots to have productive lives! Anything you can do early on to ensure that the root system thrives will come in handy down the road.

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