To Plant a Garden Is to Believe in TomorrowMarch is an exciting time of the year for avid gardeners. In much of the country, the official start of spring represents a perfect time to get back to nature. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of growing something living. That’s why gardeners come back to their roots year after year.

St. Patrick’s Day is an ideal day to plant your peas! Something incredible about peas, besides the fact they’re very healthy, is that they are tolerant to cold weather. In many places it’s still nippy in the middle of march, so it’s not a perfect time to plant certain varieties. Peas, however, will have no problem starting their lives on the day that people celebrate drinking, shenanigans, and Irish fun.

Start Your Slow Growing Plant Varieties in March

Peas aren’t the only variety of plant you can start from seed in March. Slower growing plants like vegetables like parsley, leeks, onions, cabbage, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, and peppers are all excellent seeds to start. The work you do in March will help you ensure an incredible garden later in the year.

Start feeding your houseplants again in March and repot the ones that need it. They will all start growing faster after this month, so they need all the nutrition they can get.

Don’t forget to let everyone know that you’re an avid gardener with some fresh, new merchandise. Gardening is a noble pastime so wear your gear in pride. We have gardening t-shirts, garden-themed ceramic mugs, and fun tote bags for gardeners.

As Audrey Hepburn so wisely stated, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Seeing the miracle of rebirth every spring motivates gardeners to handle their numerous chores in pride. Nothing beats eating garden-fresh food that was grown with love. The bounty of your garden makes for excellent gifts for the people you care about. Kick this year’s planting season off with a bang!


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