Around the time when winter becomes nearly unbearable, you will have a sudden thought that fills your heart with hope and excitement. Spring is almost here, you’ll remember.

Right when winter feels its worst, a change for the better happens every year. The best part of this time of the year for gardeners is spring because it means a return their bit of heaven. March 20 signifies the official start of Spring, so be ready this year with a quick checklist of activities.

Bring Down the Hammer on Weeds

Okay, you don’t actually have to hammer weeds. Instead, just remove them. It’s always best to do it early on when they’re smallest. In this manner, you get rid of the weeds that stand in the way of your plant’s growth. After you eliminate the weeks, add two to three inches of mulch to the now-clean area.

The great thing about mulch is that it works naturally to suppress weeds and their out-of-control growth. Perhaps most importantly, they do so without the introduction of harmful chemicals. That’s important to any of us who want to keep the earth healthy and happy as long as possible.

Next up Prepare Your Garden’s Soil

By the end of winter, your soil is out of nutrients. You’ll need to revitalize it by adding a perfect mix of nutrients. Figure out the precise type of land you have and make all of the necessary amendments to bring it up to snuff. It’s time to play in the dirt, so don’t forget to have fun!

Don’t Neglect Your Lawn

Create the Perfect LawnMost likely your lawn is going to be a real mess due to winter. Most of the grass will be compacted. It’s always a great idea to rake the entire area carefully to get rid of any fallen leaves from last year. It will also help some of the blades.

If you want to get the job done correctly, consider renting an aerator. You can find one at a local garden center. That machine will help you loosen up all the soil, which will help air get deep into the subsystem. After you finish that task, add a new dressing on top of the lawn that contains nutrients. Those beautiful “nutes” will find their way into the root system of the grass, and you’ll have a fantastic yard this year.

Bring in Summer Flowers

Springtime is the ideal time to plant a plethora of beautiful flowers. One that I love is the addition of California wildflowers. That will add a ton of color, as will Armeria, columbine, bearded iris, and even Veronica. The choice of varieties is all yours, but easy to plant seeds will add tons of new flowers that will make your entire yard “pop.”

Add Your Share of Herbs and Vegetables

Add Your Share of Herbs and VegetablesWhen you’re confident that the chance of frost is over, and after the soil is sufficiently warm, you’ll want to initiate the planting of herbs and vegetables. This period is the time to put onions, eggplants, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and corn in the ground. It’s also worth adding herbs that arise from seeds like oregano, parsley, mint, and rosemary.

Don’t Mess Around with Frost Damage

One mistake to avoid is getting too “picky” about leaves that have damage after a long winter. Resist the urge you may get to pull them all off and instead let nature decide which ones to keep. As it gets warmer outside the trees will dump the leaves that aren’t needed, so you don’t have to waste effort or time to do the job.

Spring is such a fun time of the year! Get your garden going, and the rewards will be incredible. Thanks for stopping by and reading. Don’t forget to check out our line of gardening tote bags and gardening coffee mugs.


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