Enjoy Easter Whether You've Been Good or BadPeople don’t realize just how easy they have it with the Easter Bunny these days.

Back when the “Easter Hare” first came on the scene, the German Lutherans who knew him didn’t automatically receive chocolate bunnies. In fact, the Hare was a judge who, at his sole discretion, would decide whether the kids were good enough to get treats.

Those naughty children who misbehaved during Eastertide would not be rewarded! Somewhere along the line, the Easter Bunny replaced that mean old hare and suddenly everybody was getting a treat, whether they are good or bad. That’s been a great boon for chocolate makers and egg decorating supply companies ever since.

In the early part of the last century, many Germans moved to America. They brought with them many traditions, including the legend of the Easter Hare. The Hare tradition included jelly beans and baskets, so it didn’t take long for some crafty Americans to adopt the holiday and promote it to others.

Easter is now a fun-time celebration that includes eating lots of chocolate and enjoying decorate eggs and getting gifts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been good or not, but you can still probably have a few more treats if you’re really sweet!


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