April is a chaotic, transitional month.

Camping Makes Me HappyThere’s a lot going on. In many places around the world, the weather changes for the better and people begin their inexorable march outdoors.

This is the month when outdoor activities move to the forefront of everyone’s minds.

There are a few Special Days worth mentioning this month. Earth Day and Arbor Day both emphasize the crucial nature of being kind to the environment.

Arbor Day places a spotlight on the importance of tree conservation. It may be easy to take trees for granted, but it’s a bad idea. Our planet needs healthy trees to thrive. Arbor Day encourages people to plant trees to ensure Earth has a steady supply.

Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22nd 2018. The event began in 1970 and has grown every year and is now active in almost 200 countries.

The concept behind the event is simple, and crucial in these times. Earth Day teaches people about the environment while encouraging them to take an active role in conservation. Knowledge really is power, so informed people help create a more sustainable planet.

There are numerous events on April 22nd to commemorate Earth Day. Each of these meetups introduce people to useful concepts about environmentalism.

Check out some designs we made to honor the Special Day.

Arbor Day 2018

Plant a Tree to Celebrate Arbor DayThis event has similar goals as Earth Day. The focus for Arbor Day is the conservation of trees.

Trees have at least 22 benefits for the planet. That fact alone should be enough to excite you about the prospect of adding more trees to this great land of ours. Arbor Day helps people gain the knowledge and access the tools they need to promote tree planting. Those efforts will ensure that people continue to have plenty of shade on unbearably hot days!

Whether you’re honoring a Special Day or not, April is still the ideal time to reacquaint yourself with nature. Most of the nation thaws out during this month, allowing people who have been spending way too much time indoors to return to exploring.

People Return to Nature in April

All over America people begin heading outdoors in the month of April. It’s warm and they are looking for a change from being cooped up indoors. That’s why they’ll begin activities like gardening, camping, hiking and fishing.

We have new designs for all those categories and we hope you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by and reading! We hope you have an amazing April.


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